Block Regatta - Boat racing on the blockchain!

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About the game

Welcome to Block Regatta, a boat racing game running entirely on the Ethereum mainnet (all the parts that matter anyway).

What is it?

Block Regatta is a game where you race boats against other players to win a prize. What makes it special is that it runs entirely on the Ethereum blockchain, so nobody can cheat and the results are ensured by modern day crypto magic. The boats move in real-time based on random data from the blockchain, so the outcome is completely unknown until the winner crosses the finish line.

For the technically savvy, I've written an article on Medium explaining the smart contract code, and the economics behind it which prevent cheating or manipulation.

For the even more technically savvy, the smart contract can be viewed on GitHub.

How do I play?

If you just want to watch boats race, then you don't need to do anything. Just scroll back up and watch them duke it out for marine superiority.

In order to play the game, you need some Ether (ETH) and either Metamask or, if you're on mobile, a Web3-enabled browser like Status or Trust Wallet.

If you need help getting Ether, or installing some of that software, I recommend asking your nerdiest friend because they will be more than happy to help when they learn you're interested in Blockchain apps (DApps).

Once you've got the software installed and have some ETH, controls will appear in the game, and everything should be intuitive.


All the code and sexy 8-bit graphics were done by me, AnAllergyToAnalogy.

All the authentic NES-style 8-bit audio was done by my brother skwid, with a little help from my other brother NW. They have real names, don't worry.

I plan to write an article on how we imitated/replicated the NES audio hardware for this game, but for now please just enjoy my brothers' hard work.